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Haiku Hi-5 Redemption Center Temporarily Closed — updated

RESOLUTION – Bicycle Tour Public Safety and Related Litigation Concerns

September 2021 Newsletter

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MEO — Rent/ Mortgage Application Assistance

NEW deadline of September 30th 2021 – Applications sought for new South Maui and Pāʻia-Haʻikū advisory committees

*Download the application to your desktop/ mobile device to enable the electronic fill-in feature

Chair’s 3 Minutes column

Mike at the Oskie Rice Rodeo Arena Blessing in Makawao – July 3, 2021.


Maui Coalition for Drug-Free Youth

“New updates on Maui’s Social Host Ordinance Website:

Check out the site for:

  • What is a social host ordinance?
  • Why was a social host ordinance passed?
  • A link to the codified ordinance language
  • How a social host ordinance works
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Resources for parents and teens on underage drinking prevention
  • How to join the Maui Nui Youth Council and Maui Coalition for Drug-Free Youth (MCDFY)
  • Info about MCDFY Executive Committee, staff, and community partners and how to contact us”

Maui parents now have the opportunity to learn about upcoming Social Host Ordinances and tips for preventing underage drinking at home

UPDATE: Maui County Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Long-Term Rental Exemption and Downloadable Application

“The RPAD is marketing the long-term rental program and encouraging people to apply before 12/31/21.” – Marcy Martin, AAS – Real Property Tax Administrator

Maui County’s Rental and Utility Relief Program

Locating of a Fire Station in Haiku Region

North Shore Greenway Bike Path Study

During the Council’s Fiscal Year 2020 Budget review CM Molina asked the Council to appropriate funds for the extension of the North Shore Greenway Bike Path from its terminus at Lower Paia Park to Hookipa Beach Park.
The Department of Public Works contracted for the study and has completed a draft of the study on May 25, 2021. 
Five potential routes have been identified and are included in Figure 1 of the attached study.
I welcome comments on the draft study, then in the near future, we can hold a community meeting to review the study.

Please send your comments to:

Charter Commission Information Video

201H Affordable Housing

MEO Mortgage Assistance Program

Revised Budget Worksheet Priorities

Councilmember Molina’s Response to Mayor’s Veto of Bill 10

”Council approves Molina’s request to increase affordable housing requirements for the State’s Fast Track 201H projects”


Planning Audit

First Reading Advisory Committees for Paia-Haiku and South Maui approved by Council!

Correspondence from Corporation Counsel

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