About Me


Aloha! My name is Mike Molina and I am a proud member of the Maui County Council. I was born on the island of Maui, in the beautiful city of Wailuku. I am most grateful for my wife, Cielo Batan-Molina and our three children, Iann, Aimee and Malia. My hobbies include exercising, yard work, watching news, sports and talk shows, meeting and conversing with individuals.

Military Service

  • US Air Force
  • Hawaii Air National Guard

Recent Work Expereince

  • Teacher State of Hawaii Department of Education (1987-2000)
  • Maui County Council (2001-2010) (2018-Present)
  • Executive Assistant to Mayor Alan Arakawa (2011-2018)


  • Makawao School
  • Maui High School (1978)
  • University of Hawaii at Hilo (1987) Pursued degrees in Sociology and Education
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa (1996) Professional Diploma in Education

Family History

County Council Legislation Initiated

  • Affordable Housing Fund (Assist our community with affordabe living on island)
  • First Time Home Buyers Fund (Assist first time home buyers with their down payment when purchasing a house)
  • Reef Fish Protection Bill (regulated aquarium fish businesses in Maui)
  • School Zone Protection Bill (created larger School Zone from 500 to 1,000 feet to reduce traffic speeds)
  • Affordable Ohana Bill (allows ohana units on smaller parcels for affordable housing)


  • Outdoor Lighting Bill (Helped to reduce the amount of lighting needed to help defend our wildlife)
  • Plastic Bag Reduction Law (Helped to reduce the amount of plastic bag use, to minimize the plastic floating around in our ocean and protect our wildlife)